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Once long ago, the Kingdom of Arteix was a peaceful land, humans and creatures lived in peace without conflict, but one night, one of King Harold II's court mages Aldith was working on his.. dark magic. Dark magic had been outlawed from the Kingdom from days when the dark mage council opened the Portal of Obedientiary, in an attempt to get magical creatures for cheap labor, Aldith was attempting to use a dark spell known as Schism, to split the land among the humans and creatures..but instead, caused all the once peaceful magical creatures to become in raged! They began raiding towns within the Kingdom of Arteix! The king sent out a decree asking all able bodied citizens within the kingdom to join the fight among the humans and creatures. When you start off on your journey you will have to select your class.

There are five types of classes; warriors, rogues, archers, mages, and merchants. Each class can advance further into their job, and they all have their own special abilities. You start off stranded on an isle, where you have to return to Runyei. Runyei being the capital of Arteix.

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